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Following on from the previous session, members of London DEAL will start to think about what we will want to achieve and how we will organise to get there. There will be three elements to this:

1. Developing the building blocks for a London Doughnut - A working vision for London
a. Using our initial cascade to reflect upon what the group are interested in
b. Refining this overall vision to give us something to mould in future sessions
c. Defining the London specific considerations in terms of social foundations and environmental ceilings.

2. Identifying what we want to achieve – A vision for the London DEAL
a. Is this about influencing policy? Is it about local activism? Is it about both?
b. Where do we want to spend our time and influence?
c. How do we communicate our vision to others?

3. Starting to organised – Roles and expertise
a. Who has time to commit?
b. How do we organise and structure inputs?
c. Do we have any experts in our midst? How can we use their skills?
d. How do we want to move forward? Thematic? Geographic?

By the end of the session, we should have some clarity about how we will move forward and we can start to get into the detail of developing the London Doughnut.
This meeting is for London/near London members of DEAL, newcomers very welcome.  
A note: we come together as individuals and not as organisations, please do join us as yourself!

    James Collister

    How are people communicating after the workshop?

    6 months ago

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