This event is running twice on the same day. The zoom link will be the same for both.

8:00 - 9:30 UK time
16:00 to 17:30 UK time

Are you a teacher, facilitator, community organiser, employee, councillor, student, parent, friend, neighbour, volunteer (the list goes on…) who is occasionally, or often in a position where you want to introduce the Doughnut to people who’ve never heard of it before?
If you are, then this could be the event for you! And we, the DEAL Team, warmly invite you to join us to ideate and co-create many different ways to introduce the Doughnut for the very first time to various different audiences - in chalk, on screen, on paper, with hula hoops... we’re sure the possibilities are endless.
In the 90 minute event, we’ll discuss the various settings and audiences we want to design for, the factors to consider, then we’ll break into small groups to each design an approach. By the end of the event, we’ll hopefully have the start of multiple and diverse ways of introducing the Doughnut, each with their own qualities, means of delivery, intended audience and level of participation - yes, let’s make some of them really participative!
You don’t need any experience to join, just turn up and enjoy sharing ideas and listening to the ideas of others, and let’s see what our collective imagination can create.
We are running the event twice on the same day - 24th June - to enable people from around the world to be able to join. So to sign up, click ‘join’, then join using same zoom link at the time which best suits you - either 8am UK time or 4pm UK time.
We look forward to co-creating with you!
    Rieta Aliredjo

    Look forward! In Amsterdam we are continuing the use of metaphor and co-creating a Donut Bakery - within insights derived from the Doughnart! event.

    1 day ago
    Douglas Worts

    Hi - I tried to register for the later event (4 - 5:30 UK time), but I can only get the earlier event to show as an option. How do I book in for the later time? I am in Toronto Canada, so the earlier event is impractical. Thanks.

    13 days ago
    Douglas Worts

    Hmmm. I'm thinking that this is not a pre-register event - but rather a drop-in event. If that is the case, then I have the zoom url and I know when it will take place - and it's in my calendar.

    13 days ago
    Rob Shorter

    Hi Douglas, that's right. You can use the zoom url for either time, and it's just a case of showing up to the time that suits you best. Looking forward to seeing you at the second of the two events!

    13 days ago

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