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Deepening the concepts and applications of Doughnut Economics through scholarly collaboration.

DEAL collaborates with researchers and analysts who are engaging with the core concepts of Doughnut Economics, and enabling them to be made visible through data and analysis.

This page provides a space to showcase research-led tools, stories, and other scholarly resources that build upon the core concepts of Doughnut Economics, within the broader movement for new economic thinking and doing.

News & stories

Research updates and stories from scholars engaging with the core concepts of Doughnut Economics.


A study led by the DEAL Team's Andrew Fanning tracks nations' progress relative to the Doughnut since the early 1990s

University of Leeds researchers propose four Doughnut-inspired strategies for the UK to recover from the Covid-19 crisis


Researchers quantify national responsibility for ecological breakdown across 160 countries over the past 50 years


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We equally welcome DEAL's community members to post Tools and Stories, such as academic publications, reports and dissertations, that engage with the concepts and tools of Doughnut Economics. In the spirit of reciprocity, please do share this work back with the community so that it can inform and inspire many others.

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