Communities & Art

Designing playful methods to engage with Doughnut Economics ideas and creating accessible ways to come together to connect, explore and take action

Communities in action

Welcome to DEAL’s communities page. Here you’ll find lots of stories of people around the world applying the ideas of Doughnut Economics in their lives and communities - from the household, to the street, to the neighbourhood scale - and people connecting with others at the city and regional scale to form groups and networks for change.


Some people feel intimidated by the term ‘economics’ but not many are intimidated by Doughnuts! As such, we’ve found the Doughnut can act as a welcoming entry point for conversations about the economy and an invitation for everyone to be a part in reimagining an economy that meets the needs of all within the means of the living planet.


So we invite you to take a look around, read some stories and browse the tools to explore the ideas further and introduce them to others in your community in inviting, playful and accessible ways.

Going deeper

Explore these videos and resources to go deeper into the ideas of Doughnut Economics.

These tools can be useful to share with others who already know the basics of Doughnut Economics and want to expand their understanding of the ideas and how they can be put into action.

Creating a Doughnut Portrait

We've created this set of tools to help you apply the ideas of Doughnut Economics to your place.

The tools 'unroll the Doughnut' and invite you to explore your local aspirations and your global responsibilities within your place to create a Doughnut Portrait of your place as a starting point for transformative action.

Community stories

Read how communities around the world are approaching Doughnut Economics for transformative change.






Community events

Events that you can join to meet others and hear stories of community action around the world.

You can also create and publish your own community events to connect with others.

Networks in action

Explore the open groups and networks around the world that are connecting people at the city, regional and national scale around the ideas of Doughnut Economics to speed up transformation.