Schools & Education

Exploring Doughnut Economics in the classroom and through life-long learning.

Schools and educators in action

Are the ideas of Doughnut Economics too complex for young people? Quite the opposite! We've found kids and young people understand the idea of Doughnut faster than most adults.

On this page you can find stories of people who are introducing the ideas of Doughnut Economics to young people in schools and in their communities, and you can find tools to use in your own school or place of learning.

If you've got your own story to share, we'd love to hear from you!

Going deeper

Explore these videos and resources to go deeper into the ideas of Doughnut Economics.

These tools can be useful to share with others who already know the basics of Doughnut Economics and want to expand their understanding of the ideas and how they can be put into action.

Stories of schools and educators in action



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