Personal Doughnut Template

Posted by Zoe Gilbertson

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The Doughnut's - Three Horizon Tool!

Posted by Brian McConnell

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Cultural Compass

Posted by Trish Hansen

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IC Students Thinking Like 21st Century Economists

Posted by Steven Sostak

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  • As a designer, I know that we have a responsibility in the impact of the products we deliver, we can built a better world.

    Philippe Guichard

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Desire for social justice, particularly in places like Tanzania.

    Janet CHAPMAN

    London Borough of Hackney, England, United Kingdom

  • I am motivated, concerned with issues of sustainability. I deeply believe that the circular economy can reach the least belivers.

    Marta Fachada

    Torres Vedras, Centro, Portugal

  • I'm looking for inspiration to help me bring Doughnut Economics to my home city of Guelph, Ontario.

    Vanessa Chris

    Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • California Doughnut Economics Coalition

    Rory Feys

    San Francisco, California, United States of America

  • I'd like to bring doughnut economics into my KS3 Geography / KS5 Politics curriculum. Keen to collaborate with other educators.

    Alexandra Cook

    London, England, United Kingdom

  • 26yr old doughnut enthusiast driven by the challenge to retain, expand and set free natural capital whilst redistributing wealth.

    William Grinstead

    London Borough of Lambeth, England, United Kingdom

  • To grow and learn! To see how the principles can be applied in real terms and not be greenwashing.

    kei iino

    London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, Uni...

  • I work with territories and small business implementing sustainability actions so i want to apply the donought method.

    Coté Castañeda

    Santiago de Chile, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, C...

  • To apply my knowledge of economics to shape a better tomorrow.

    Devesh Arora

    New Delhi, Delhi, India

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