• I am an independent consultant and here for collaboration and co-creation to make system change towards more value-led society.

    Eime Tobari

    City of London, England, United Kingdom

  • I hope to learn how to apply Doughnut Economics to the world of indie entertainment. I want to disrupt the current model.

    Jonathon Freeman-Anderson

    Los Angeles, California, United States of America

  • Introduce the Doughnut to Frankfurt, Germany and contribute generally :)

    Norbert Lang

    Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Deutschland

  • Dissatisfaction with the standard economics courses, and reading Doughnut Economics.

    Jay Baker

    Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

  • To share my research and collaborate so the book I'm writing on the doughnut principle in Nature can be the best it can be.

    Adam Timlett

    Soho, Westminster, Greater London, United Kingdom

  • Inclusive and Sustainable Economies

    Rachael Marsh

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

  • I want to create change. To be part of creating change.

    Pamela Ravasio

    Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland

  • Interest in sustainable economics / finance and risk management and the development of practical open source tools

    Philippos Papadopoulos

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

  • My strong interest in environmental economics

    Miki Yamane

    バーミンガム, England, イギリス

  • Uma nova Economia Inclusiva para humanos e demais seres vivos


    Estocolmo, Stockholms län, Suécia

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