• I would like to apply the Doughnut Economics concept to my work on local sustainable development in Belarus and Ukraine.

  • To learn from others, share my perspective and leverage any tools tips and tricks in service of the project I am working on.

    Claire Skillen

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • I'm a technologist with an interest in 'hyperlocal' communities - I hope to apply the Doughnut concept at the town/community level

    Linda Chandler

    St Albans, England, United Kingdom

  • Maker of exhibit EndLESS Amsterdam

    Thijs van Roon

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland

  • Coherent vision of protecting the future

    Monika Sadkowska

    Warszawa, województwo mazowieckie, Polska

  • Systemic change is needed and this is an alternative to explore.

    Gayle Olander

    Kingston, New York, United States of America

  • I'm very inspired by the Doughnut philosophy and would love to learn from others in this community and share my own experiences.

    Nicolette Loonen

    Oosterhout, Noord-Brabant, Nederland

  • I'm looking for ways to incentivise the preservation of historic buildings when it might be contrary to conventional economics.

    Andrew Moffat

    Hailey, Idaho, United States of America

  • The results of my teaching experience and learn and use at the same time about Doughnut Economics

    Ana Úbeda

    Mataró, Catalunya, España

  • A sustainable approach to supporting and leading an historic market town.

    Claire Commons

    Shaftesbury, England, United Kingdom

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