Value Stream Mapping

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Regen Spirit: Quiet-Everyday Leadership

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  • In 2020, I began incorporating Doughnut Economics to my classes on economy, society, and sustainable development. We partner with

    Skilty Labastilla

    Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Myself and my partner are extremely interested in positive solutions to the issues facing the planet and life.

    Diane Hunt

    Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

  • Looking for tools to help the local authorities/business I work with and looking out for interesting projects to contribute to.

    Mairi Brookes

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

  • The chance to collaborate and partner with others inspired to make the world better.

    Andy Taylor

    Hammersmith, England, United Kingdom

  • The doughnut is a great model to shape the economy for all. It touches on my idea of how the world should look like in the future.

    Sandra Verbruggen

    Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Nederland

  • I work to enhance sustainable tourism for destinations, businesses, visitors and local communities.

    Andy Fairburn

    Kingston upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

  • I've been interested in the economic aspects of sustainability for many years, beginning with a focus on relocalizing economies.

    Don Dwiggins

    Northridge, Los Angeles, California, United States of ...

  • I want to bring my contributions to bring communities more sustainable and more livable. Realizing a world of economic justice

    Idrissa Gaye

    Clarkston, Georgia, United States of America

  • I am global citizen and social entrepreneur. I bring skills in design solutions for complex system. I am looking for the energy.

    Taylor Hickem

    Singapore, Singapore

  • I’m the ED of a local independent business alliance looking to institute DE into the management of this non-profit, as well as edu

    April Ritzenthaler

    Austin, Texas, United States of America

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