• I facilitate spaces that support deep connection to the living world. I wish to contribute to building a new economic paradigma.

    Carolin Goethel

    Berlin, Deutschland

  • First introduced to DEAL through current studies as a Trinity College Dublin MBA student; determined to get my degree and do good!

    Sydney Nolan

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

  • I’m working on a new project. a new design consultancy firm dedicated to regenerative economy, circular design and biomi

    Florence Garçon

    Paris, Île-de-France, France

  • How do new approaches to mobility challenge the overshoot and stay within the doughnut. That said, I ride an electic bike!

    Rob La Frenais

    City of London, England, United Kingdom/Bangalore

  • We amplify our impact dramatically by collaborating with leaders in a wide variety of fields, are you our next partner?

    Chad Thiessen

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • I want to see the doughnut in action and am keen to see how I can help.

    James Stuart

    Darlington, England, United Kingdom

  • We are building a company which sustainable innovation offer is based on the doughnut :)

    Guillaume De Vesvrotte

    Paris, Île-de-France, France

  • Shaping strategy-Forging partnerships-On a regenerative B Corp path-Co-creating alternatives aligned with purpose-Always learning

    Donna Nelham

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada

  • Reading Doughnut Economics gave me so much hope for providing a framework on how to achieve a healthier and sustainable future.

    Hannah Nomme

    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

  • Passionate about building a Green Community (urban agriculture, shared meals, decentralized food networks).

    Luke Madera

    Concord, California, United States of America

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