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Meet and join a community of pioneering changemakers from across the globe who are turning Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action.

Welcome to the DEAL Community!

The DEAL Community is everyone who is exploring the ideas of Doughnut Economics and pioneering ways to put the ideas into practice.

This includes educators, policy makers, community members, business people, artists, academics, designers, young people, facilitators, oh, and the occasional economist.

We believe economies of the 21st century will be practiced first and theorised later, and we believe they will be put inspired by the creativity, imagination, skill and perspectives of everyone.

That means everyone is welcome!

What we offer is an open-source commons of inspiration and tools to apply to your context, some created by the DEAL Team, but mostly created by members of the DEAL Community.

What we ask in return is that you use the ideas and tools with integrity, by following our guidelines as we lay out in our guidelines page.