Doughnut as a Mindset - Conversation with Kate Raworth & Tino Seghal (Past)

A Conversation On How to Redraw the World with Kate Raworth and Tino Seghal

The Doughnut as a Mindset - A Conversation On How to Redraw the World with Kate Raworth and Tino Seghal

We are incredibly happy and proud to open #DonutBerlinFestival with the Arts & Nature Social Club Salon in collaboration with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. 

We will talk with them about how our imagination can change our world and how we can use #DoughnutEconomics to create a safe and just future for all on this planet.

- Kate Raworth, renegade economist (University of Oxford) & author "Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist".
- Tino Sehgal, artist (Berlin) & participant of the Berliner Festspiele 2021 ("The Sun Machine Is Coming Down")

Curation: Christin Simone Bettinghaus, Nicole Hartmann & Ingke Purrmann
Moderation: Jörg Geier & Co-Moderator

The evening will be musically accompanied by the pop band Frida Gold.

The event is funded by the Leibniz Action Plan II of the Leibniz Research Museums under the motto "A World in Motion".

Start: 8.30pm CEST (Berlin time)
End: 10.00pm CEST (Berlin time)
Language: English

No registration required.
Follow the event live:
From September 16 to 18, 2021 we are organising the first Donut Berlin Festival under the motto Mehr Zusammen Gemeinsam (More Together in Common).  We want Berliners to know about the positive, transformative power of the Doughnut Economy and what's possible for a more liveable, regenerative city.

Donut Berlin Festival programme:





    Dorothy Knable (NA'bul like table)

    New York, United States of America

    In both CA and now, NYC, (We moved for grandchildren) I've helped with environmental groups from to Sunrise Movement.

    David Berrade

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    I'm immersed in a workforce that must weigh energy transition with short term financial security. Want to influence path forward.


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