Communicating Climate Risk is the final half-day of the Climate Risk Summit (29 September to 1 October) organised by the COP26 Universities Network, to provide a forum for discussion in advance of COP26 for academic experts and practitioners, policymakers and negotiators, both nationally and internationally.

This final half-day explores the theme of the communication of climate science, especially communication to policymakers. Through flash presentations and interactive segments, we hope the theme of communication can be a starting point for radical thinking about transforming policy and practice in alignment with planetary and social boundaries. What new tools, perspectives, concepts, metrics, and visual techniques can we develop to connect the vast and complex issue of climate change with the day-to-day realities of decision-makers, across all corners of society and the economy?

The core audience for this event is anyone who regularly needs to communicate around climate issues, including climate scientists, environmental economists, modellers and analysts, policymakers, campaigners and activists, journalists, researchers, climate influencers, etc. 

The event is online and free to attend. There are four hour-long sessions between 12:30 and 17:00 GMT; we recommend coming to all sessions, but you are also welcome to attend individual sessions. The focus of the first three sessions will be on providing insight and training, whereas the the final session will create space for participants space to share their own perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

The first two days of the Climate Risk Summit are also open and free to attend, and may also be of some interest to the DEAL Community.

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