Doughnut Cities (Past)

Meetup #1 of the Municipal Degrowth Network, with expert inputs and interactive exchange

How can we meet the needs of all people within the means of the planet? Doughnut Economics offers a radical idea: abandon GDP growth, think in systems, distribute wealth, and nurture the earth.

But what does the “doughnut city” has to do with municipal degrowth? What are the challenges and opportunities in using the doughnut economics model in cities? What can we learn from experiences from cities in the global North, such as Amsterdam and Berlin, what different kinds of stakeholders are talking about / using it, and what could be general recommendations for cities worldwide? 

The municipal degrowth network, just recently created, invites you to join the workshop around the doughnut economics in urban settings as part of its first bi-monthly meet-up, on February 3rd 2022, from 18 to 19.30 CET.

Inputs from
Anne Sheridan - Doughnut Cities – An Overview
Kate Goodwin & Patrick Léon Gross - The Berlin City Donut: Valuing What We Measure or Measuring What We
Martin Calisto Friant - The Amsterdam doughnut: technocentric greenwashing or transformative vision?

Interested practitioners, activists and scholars/researchers are welcome to join. 
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