stadterweitern : Fremdgehen | Screening & Talk (Past)

Fremdgehen is an urban choreography that sets out to broaden the notion of what a city can be.

 “Fremdgehen” – Video Installation
 By Andrea Keiz in collaboration with Sabine Zahn

Thu, 12.11.2010
 6 pm Screening
 7:30 pm Discussion with Andrea Keiz, Kathrin Wildner, Eva-Maria Hoerster and Sabine Zahn (in German and English).
 Tickets: 9,- / reduced 7,- Euro via Eventbrite.

Further Screenings of “Fremdgehen”
 Fri, 13.11.2020, 4 to 5:30 pm
 Free entrance

Fremdgehen is an urban choreography between one performer and one guest that sets out to broaden the notion of what a city can be. It was developed in 2019 by Sabine Zahn together with four performers around Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin. Two people unknown to each other meet and move together through a seemingly unspectacular but central part of Berlin. The piece consists of playing with the unknown on at least two levels. The shifting of one’s own movements through the guided relationship with a stranger expands what this city can be.

Andrea Keiz accompanied the development and research of the work making photographic and film documentation based on her own participation in the movement practice. The installation at CLB Berlin Gallery shows four of the documented duets. Through her camera work, Andrea Keiz develops a multi-perspective space that invites the viewer to engage in surprising lines of sight and shifting viewpoints.

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