Evolutionary Learning, Solutions & Policy Pods (ELSPPs)

Local & Global PODS to research solutions and propose legislation and policy to elected officials

*   As we are heading for extinction, there are probably 2 billion supporters for world wisdom, doughnut economics, wellbeing economy, peace, and nature, but they do not collaborate. 

*    There are also 2 billion “comfortably successful” people worldwide, not doing anything to help the world, presently focusing on sports and entertainment, wasting their brains just when the planet needs them to activate their brains to look for solutions.  

*   They can be brought into the process to create local and global Evolutionary Learning Groups where they can research solutions, and propose legislation and policy to local, regional, and national elected officials.

*   You can click here for the document that is the basis for the formation of the ELSPPs.

*   You can click here to register for free.

*   Join us on the second Sunday of each month to discuss ELSPPs. 




    Sanford Hinden

    Dix Hills, New York, United States of America

    I work to create political and economic transformation for wisdom and wellbeing on Earth.


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