Global Donut Day in Prague: 3 faces of just transition (Past)

Towards a good life for everybody within the limits of the Earth.

Location: Kampus Hybernská, Hybernská 998/4, Praha, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

A meeting open to all representatives of business, non*profit and public sectors who work or want to work to ensure a good life within the limits of the planet for all Czechs.

Let's take a look at the role of the public, non*profit and business sectors in the process of just transition - and how they can support each other.

  • You will find out what visions of change exist for each sector
  • Meet the people who are putting such change into practice
  • Subject the ideas presented to on-the-spot critical discussion

With a limited capacity of 80 people, you can choose between free and voluntary admission, depending on your financial means and willingness to support us.

Our goal is to accelerate the thinking of all participants, clarify priorities, name common goals and uncover opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Let's talk & work together

  • Morning block [9.00—12.00]
    • Introduction of the Doughnut model for the Czech Republic
    • Presentations from representatives of the business, non*profit and public sectors
  • Afternoon session [13.00—16.00]
    • Creative discussions led by experienced facilitators in the form of roundtables

We will meet on Monday 13 November in the centre of Prague at the Kampus Hybernská. Vegan refreshments and plenty of coffee and tea will be served on site.

Deep transformation of business, non*profit and public sectors as a path to a good life for all within the limits of the Earth 

Ongoing ecological collapse and deepening social inequalities are linked vessels - one cannot be addressed without the other. The current tangle of interconnected crises cannot be solved individually without cross-sectoral cooperation.

The key to a good life for all within the limits of the Earth is a balance of power and cross-sectoral cooperation: business producing wealth that the state redistributes so that non*profits (understood broadly as any organization whose primary goal is not to make a profit) can selflessly provide basic services such as education or care that then keep society running - and allow businesses to function.

Because the sectors need each other, it is appropriate to ask how they can help each other in the transition process:

  • How does the business sector need to change to ensure responsible production? And what role should the public and/or non*profit sectors play in this change?
  • How does the public sector need to change to ensure fair redistribution? And what role should non*profit and/or business sectors play in this change?
  • How does the non*profit sector need to change in order to ensure decent reproduction? And what role should business and/or public sectors play in this change?

Let's look for answers together
It is clear to us that the questions we are asking are very broad. Each can be grasped from many different angles and broken down into many sub-questions - which is why it makes sense to meet as a larger group to think about them.

We don't aspire to arrive at definitive answers in one day:

  • We want to understand what all the angles are and what sub-questions need to be answered.
  • We want to start a discussion in which we will involve other actors in different ways in the coming months (years?).
  • We simply want to start somewhere. Because ensuring a good life within the planet's limits for all is a multi-year project that will keep a lot of people busy - and there is no time to waste.

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    Matěj Malecha

    Prague, Praha, Czech Republic

    I'm currently working on a workshop activity based on the Doughnut model to be used with organizational leaders.

    Marek Mencl

    Czech Republic

    Finding the way how to bring Doughnut into Czech Republic.


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