In this first session, we will get to know each-other, seek to understand our respective contexts and drivers for joining this community and evaluate the potential for further collaboration on specific initiatives.

While the conversation will be casual, we aim to make it useful by exploring concrete ways in which this community could help us increase our impact, as individuals or as a group. Therefore, we expect attendees to have a minimum knowledge about the Doughnut model and an appetite for leveraging it in some form in their professional or personal life. If anyone is already involved in specific initiatives, in Malaysia or beyond, we would love to hear from it.

We will aim to find a central location in KL, compliant with SOP rules, and will communicate it within a week prior to the session. Any recommendation about place that are both enjoyable and conducive of meaningful conversations are welcome.
UPDATE: due to the new confinement, the meeting will be held online.

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting started.

Sign-up link:
    Teo John

    Will this meeting be live streaming on facebook, youtube or Zoom to encourage those who cannot meet in person.

    4 months ago
    Philippe Coullomb

    Hi Teo,

    I can now confirm that unfortunately, the meet-up will be entirely online. Malaysia has re-confined most of the population and while is it announced to last 2 weeks, it is likely to be extended to a month so I would rather not postpone.

    I will update the invitation details very soon and I hope you can join us.


    4 months ago
    Azmizam Abdul Rashid

    I hope our discussion today will share with the global community of DEAL

    4 months ago

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