In the words of Kate Raworth, "The most powerful stories throughout history have been the ones told with pictures."

In this workshop, we will identify universal images for each of the social and ecological dimensions of the doughnut. These images, together with a brief, will be handed to a local artist to develop copyright-free icons for all to use.

How will the icons be used?
The sky's the limit! In Cambridge, UK, we plan to paint the co-created icons onto a 2-metre-wide doughnut installation (and its digital twin) to be used throughout 2021 at various outreach/public engagement events to facilitate data collection, visioning, story-telling, art creation, and more.

Workshop agenda
  • Doughnut framework: What's it all about?
  • Set evaluation criteria
  • Create and evaluate icon concepts (small breakout groups)
  • Present icon concepts back to the full group

Crowdfunding this work
The Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group (CamDEAG) plans to commission a local artist to convert your concepts into copyright-free icons. We've created a crowd-funding page to raise funds for this work. If you'd like to donate, please visit:

**Register on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link to the event and we will see you on March 6th!  
    Brian Dowling

    Hi All, During the meeting there was a Doughnut page on Energy shown on the screen and I was told that it was on this site. I tried searching for it in tools and stories but could not find it. Could somebody please drop a link here and to any other pages that might be available.

    7 months ago

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