Have you heard of Donut Economy before? What would it be like to learn about a model that promises the solution to the ecological and social crises we live in in the 21st century with people of many ages and interests? 
In this age, problems are so complex and it is impossible for a single group to produce the solution! That is why it is very valuable for different working areas and age groups to work together and think in order to produce permanent solutions to problems. 
Let's spend the evening of April 17 together learning and developing ideas about Donut Economy, which invites every field and person to create a better world and system! We must produce solutions that are as comprehensive as problems, not tomorrow, but together today! 25-person workshop

The language of the event will be Turkish and different generations will listen to this topic from me, a 19-year-old teenager. Peer learning and reverse mentoring will take place at the same time. <br><br>After a short narration, the participants will be divided into groups of 4 and they will talk about what should be the 8th goal.

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