Donut Festival Achterhoek

We celebrate that things can be done differently. We celebrate new paths, possibilities, opportunities and experiences.

Doughnut economics deserves much more recognition, here in the (conservative) eastern part of The Netherlands. Thus, we organise a festival.

We celebrate that things can be done differently. We celebrate that there are other paths, possibilities, opportunities, (first) experiences, pioneers, thinkers and go-getters.

Our Inspiration Square is a paradise for those who do things differently. Know what you want. Knowing that it is possible. Do or experiment. This is how we take steps. Do you want to be there too? Join!

Around Campfires, we discuss all kinds of topics; we highlight issues through theatre, cabaret, music and poetry. Serious topics can be fun. To celebrate is to have fun. In this way we take care of each other and each other's inspiration.

Donut Festival 2024


In 2023 we wanted to work with lectures and workshops. This year we also started with a  conference like approach, and perhaps a little too much of "the omniscient preaches".

Reason enough to change the basics. 
We go back to the sources of old wisdom: campfire conversations. Another setting to exchange knowledge, insights and arguments, not only with the audience, but also between experts/visionaries/speakers; to offer everyone AHA-moments.

On a large blackboard at each spot, we record special insights and arguments or other information.


We suspect that there still will be some minor adjustments. The speakers are actively involved in creating the program.


12:00: Lunch for Donut Festival participants (speakers, participants of the Inspiration Square and volunteers.)


1:00 PM: Kick-off

Topic: Diversity in the economic landscape.

We know from nature that biodiversity is necessary for stable ecosystems. How is that in an economic landscape? The neoclassical model is now predominant there and seems to dominate everything.

What do donut economics, purpose economy, giving economy, etc. offer to society that can lead to a stable social development? After all, economics is not a goal in itself, it must serve society.

Speakers: Kees Klomp, Anke Sitter, Pieter Hessel, Petra Smolders.

* Workshop New words - new myths (Frank Los)


2:00 PM: The second block - A different theme at each campfire pit:

* Campfire site 1: Exracted from our themecloud LIFE, we investigate the connection between nature, agriculture, construction, food and being a good ancestor to evolve a Nutritious living environment.

Speakers: Meino Smit, Judith van Oostrum, Arne Eindhoven, Noël Josemans


* Campfire spot 2: In DREAMS we let go of (all) existing frameworks and look

to move from morality and wisdom to a new future perspective. It can be done differently.

Speakers: Ronald Rovers (not final), Rob Klein Goldewijk, Frank Los.

* Workshop Think-dans-write (Pieter Hessel)


3:00 PM: Interactive theater

We take a moment to reflect on a different form of participation with The future is now. How does Together feel? A set up and implemented by United Economy: Heidi Leenaarts and Annelies Holthaus.

* Workshop Local currency (Thomas Siderius)


4:00 PM: The third block of conversations

One campfire crew will focus on the themecloud In transit (education, development, and mobility), and the other campfire will focus on the themecloud TOGETHER (society, democracy, and culture).


* Campfire spot 1: In the conversation about Fit for life we ​​connect purpose-driven learning, inclusive education and farmer's tree. What do we learn from cross over?

Speakers: Aldo van Duivenbode, Erno Hannink, Jacqueline Bulsink


* Campfire spot 2: In Attention to each other we explore the power of Ubuntu, SDGs hamlets, local economy, and holistic thinking.

Speakers: Frank Landman, Damaris Matthijssen, Thomas Siderius, and Falco Jansen

* Workshop Designing our future food landscape together - Jacqueline Bulsink

Last year the project 'The donut through the eyes of youth' was launched.

A Donut Do Day with Berkelland primary school students who provides the content for the

booklet DO THE DONUT, a workbook for primary schools. This will be presented.

5:00 PM: Dinner time


We spend the evening concluding, summarizing in various creative variations and discussing...


6:30 PM: Frank Los – Wrap up


8.30 pm: We send football fanatics home, and we have some entertainment for those who stay!





    Anke Sitter

    Achterhoek, Oost Gelre, Gelderland, The Netherlands

    Follow the developments for a while, provide workshops in our region in The Netherlands to spread the ideas, make it practical..


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