Saturday 13th February marks 9 years since the Doughnut was first published

Nine years ago, the idea of the Doughnut was first published in an Oxfam Discussion Paper entitled 'A safe and just space for humanity: can we live within the Doughnut?'

Here's the 2012 launch video and a first blog about the idea on Oxfam's Poverty to Power blog. 

Written by then-Oxfam researcher Kate Raworth, the paper was launched four months before the Rio + 20 Conference on Sustainable Development, where the world's governments were beginning to discuss what would replace the Millennium Development Goals.

At that meeting the concept of the Doughnut gained a lot of interest from governments and civil society alike, and it subsequently fed into the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The paper's opening question "Can we live inside the Doughnut?", remains just as relevant nine years on.

So, to mark the Doughnut's last single-digit birthday, we invited you to share your pictures, poems and possibilities for the Doughnut’s year ahead with us @DoughnutEcon on Twitter, Instagram, or via the DEAL Contact Form.

We have now collated your many generous submissions into a story, which you can read here.

Make it as serious or silly as you like! 
Happy birthday, Doughnut.
Nothing here yet.

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