Invitation to be a part of MY PLANET NOW documentary

Your personal experiences of climate change and how you're taking action, both individually and systemically

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Together with the award-winning filmmaker Henry Singer, documentary film-maker Sandpaper Films is making MY PLANET NOW, a cinematic feature documentary that seeks to help galvanise action on the climate crisis. The film, which is intended for worldwide release, will be accompanied by a major impact campaign.
MY PLANET NOW will tell the global story of the changing climate in a uniquely human way by inviting people from around the world to film and share their personal experiences of the planet and of climate change using smartphones. By weaving everybody’s stories together, the film-makers want to give viewers a sense of connection to the planet – and each other – that is unfiltered and deeply personal.

From Sandpaper Films:

"It’s vital that MY PLANET NOW helps audiences to understand just what is at stake - but also the ways in which we can take action, at an individual and systemic level, to tackle climate change.

So if climate change is affecting you and the people and places you love, and/or if you are trying in small or large ways to respond to this challenge, whether by attempting to create systemic change though Doughnut Economics, or in any other ways, we would love to hear from you and for you to film and share your story.

You don’t have to be an expert and you might never have done anything like this before.  The most important thing is to take part - so we really hope you will share your story as part of MY PLANET NOW."

Watch a video message from the directors here:
Access guidance on how to film your story at 

And if you have any questions, please contact the MY PLANET NOW team at:
WhatsApp / Text: +447536999749




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