The concept of Doughnut Economics has been written into an influential economics textbook for international high-school students for the first time.

The 2020 edition of Economics, the student textbook for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, published by Oxford University Press, includes the Doughnut in its overview chapter on The Evolution of Economic Thinking.

The Oxford IB Diploma Programme is taught in IB high schools and international schools worldwide.

Chapter 1 of the textbook also includes the Doughnut Economics critique of the standard Circular Flow of Income diagram, and provides an alternative starting point to macroeconomic thinking by introducing the Embedded Economy diagram, from the book Doughnut Economics. This diagram depicts the economy - including the market, state, household and commons - as being embedded within society, and embedded within the living world. This recognition of the economy as a subsystem of the living world is the essential starting point of ecological economics, and so it is significant that it is now included in the opening chapters of a mainstream high-school economics textbook. 

There's a great deal more to be changed in the economics textbooks, but this is an influential start.

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