Introducing DEAL’s first Cities & Regions Lead

Leading our work with places looking to put Doughnut Economics into practice - meet Leonora Grcheva.

We’re excited to introduce Leonora Grcheva and welcome her to the Doughnut Economics Action Lab Team as our very first Cities & Regions Lead.

Leonora has joined DEAL to lead our engagement with cities, municipalities and other place-based administrations that are interested in putting Doughnut Economics into practice in their own context.

Leonora is an urban planner, researcher and participation practitioner. She has over a decade of experience facilitating engagement with communities, cities and regions globally through her work as an urban planning consultant for UN-Habitat, a city leadership associate for University College London, and a community engagement consultant for built environment projects in the UK.

She studied architecture in her home-country Macedonia, holds a Masters in Human Settlement from KU Leuven (Belgium), and a PhD in Urbanism from the IUAV University of Venice (Italy).

In the future, given the scope of this global work, Leonora will be joined by a second Cities & Regions Co-Lead who will focus on supporting initiatives across regions including Africa, Asia and South America.

When we begin hiring for that role, we’ll share the details on this website, on our social media channels, and in our monthly newsletter.

In the meantime, please help us give Leonora a very warm welcome! And why not get to know the other members of the DEAL Team, too?




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