Pope Francis commends Doughnut Economics

In his new book, Pope Francis cites Doughnut Economics as fresh thinking on the economy

In his newly released book, Let Us Dream, Pope Francis mentions Doughnut Economics as a new economic approach that offers "the fresh thinking about the economy needed in light of the pandemic."

In the context of economic and political decision-making, he adds that the perspective that women bring is what the world needs at this time, and he names Mariana Mazzucato and Kate Raworth as two examples.

His book was released to coincide with the end of the international event, The Economy of Francesco, held 19-21 November in Assisi and online. The event brought together over 2,000 young people from 115 countries to engage in discussions covering 12 thematic areas ranging from energy and poverty to business in transition.

In his closing speech the Pope spoke of the importance of changing dominant economic mindsets for new visions, models and paradigms.

"We are not condemned to economic models whose immediate interests are limited to profit . . . and are unconcerned with human, social and environmental costs", he said, "Development cannot be restricted to simply economic growth - to be authentic it must be well round and integral."

During the Economy of Francesco event, Kate Raworth participated in a session 'We are All Developing Countries Now', showing the very contexts of national in relation to the Doughnut, along with the need for transforming policies and practice within and between countries.  (Session starts in the video at 1 hour 15 mins)

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