Accessibility & Translations

Ensuring equal access and equal opportunity for all users and members.


Ensuring that everyone has equal access to all of the DEAL Community Platform's features and content is crucial. For example, features should always be designed so that they are usable by people with disability or people on slower connections (such as those in rural areas). 

Making the concepts of Doughnut Economics available in many different languages is also a priority for DEAL. So far, with the help of the community, we have released the Doughnut and Embedded Economy diagrams in over 23 languages.

The Creating City Portraits methodology and City Portrait Canvas for Workshops tool are also available in several languages, and the animated introductions to the Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist have subtitles in more than 30 languages.

We are now exploring how best to scale this work up and support translations more widely across the platform. This is a large area of work and has many implications - technical and otherwise - that need to be resolved before we can begin to implement any specific features.

Open Questions

  • Which aspects of the platform are currently inaccessible in one or more ways?
  • Are we missing any key accessibility features?
  • How can we encourage video captions and alternative text for images in user-generated content?
  • Where do we need performance improvements to better support slower connections?
  • Can we improve usability across device types, e.g. phone vs. tablet vs. desktop?

  • Should (some, or all?) translations be crowdsourced from the community?
  • What is the best process to crowdsource translations?
  • How, and where, should translators be credited?
  • Should tool/story authors have control over verifying/removing translations of their content?

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