Connection & Collaboration

How can members connect and collaborate on the platform?


The DEAL Community Platform was designed to enable people from around the world to connect with each in order to turn the ideas of Doughnut Economics into action. Currently, however, the options for communicating with other members are limited.

Members can choose to make their email address or social media profiles publicly available on their profile, but there are no in-platform methods for communication or collaboration beyond commenting on tools, stories, and events.

Further options for communicating with other members are currently limited, as the platform was not envisioned as a place for wide-ranging conversations that are not directly related to putting ideas into practice, e.g. providing comments on tools to help improve new iterations.

Collaboration is likewise limited, and most co-creation tends to occur off the platform, with the results (e.g. a finished tool or story) being brought back afterwards. Draft tools and stories cannot be shared with other members (except the DEAL Team) before they are published.

Open Questions

  • How can we improve communication between members while remaining focused on action?
  • What additional in-platform methods of communication would you like to see?
  • Would you find it useful to be able to to send or receive direct messages?
  • How can the comment system be changed to improve communication?
  • How can members communicate that they need support or want to collaborate?
  • How can best practices, failures and frustrations be shared so everyone can learn from them?
  • Should the platform host other spaces for co-creation, e.g. ongoing or work-in-progress projects?

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