Structure & Signposting

Ensuring content and features are discoverable and intuitive.


The DEAL Community Platform now contains a wealth of information, tool, stories and more which can prove overwhelming to both new and existing members, but the site’s core structure has not changed since launch. 

As new info pages have been added, the navigation menu has become quite large and disorganised. Tools and stories are almost always presented with the most recent first, with limited options for highlight key tools or showcasing the most useful or popular tools and stories.

We want to ensure that discovering content and using platform features is as intuitive as possible. We also want to ensure a smooth onboarding experience - currently we send new members a short welcome email and then leave them to explore from the homepage.

Open Questions

  • What are the key user flows and how can the platform best support these?
  • Should we distinguish between DEAL’s homepage / website and the Community Platform?
  • Should we separate tools and stories?
  • Can we improve how tools and stories are organized / presented? (Filters, ordering, sorting, etc.)
  • How can we better signpost and guide members to (new and old) content that is relevant to them?
  • How can we improve/simplify the current navigation menu structure? (Headings, static pages, etc.)
  • Could the homepage structure be improved? (Including the three 'About' pages)
  • How can we best introduce new members to platform features, resources, DEAL's principles & guidelines, etc?

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