Integrity & Quality

Ensuring the integrity of the ideas of Doughnut Economics.


DEAL has created clear guidelines for how the concepts of Doughnut Economics should be used when putting the ideas into practice. These are articulated through the Principles of Practice in particular.

It is very important that the integrity of Doughnut Economics is protected so that the concepts and tools can continue to be useful for everyone.

The DEAL Team does not currently have a 'vetting' process for new tools and stories - members may upload freely. We also do not currently have clearly defined guidelines for how we, as a team, should provide feedback via the platform.

We do not currently differentiate between tools or stories in terms of 'quality' or 'popularity'. All tools and stories are sorted by most-recently published and there is no way to rate or 'like' a tool or story, although feedback can be provided in comments. 

Open Questions

  • How can the platform serve to protect the integrity of the ideas of Doughnut Economics?
  • How can community members be empowered to safeguard integrity and principles on the platform?
  • Should (and if so, how might) we highlight higher quality tools and stories?
  • How can we collectively encourage and reward high-quality community contributions?
  • Should tools and stories have ratings or "likes"? What would guidelines be for leaving reviews/likes?

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