Themes & Content

Exploring DEAL's core themes and the scope of content on the platform.


DEAL is organised, in part, around five core themes (thematically-linked clusters of practice) - Communities & Art, Cities & Regions, Education & Research, Business & Enterprise, and Government & Policy. 

These themes are currently represented in a very simple form on the platform, not in a way that offers much insight or value to the Community - they don't work particularly well, yet, as useful entry points or guides.

DEAL's thematic strategies - how the DEAL Team approaches its work within each of these themes - is also not tightly yet well integrated with platform strategy, and there are no theme-specific features on the platform.

Tools and stories can optionally be associated with a given theme, but this is not mandatory. Outside of this categorisation, all tools and stories and currently required to be explicitly related to the Doughnut in some way in order to be uploaded to the platform.

One of DEAL's key principles is reciprocity - tools are made freely available and open source, and in return DEAL asks that anyone who uses them shares back their story along with any insights, ideas for improvements, and best practices.

Open Questions

  • How can we make DEAL's themes more useful to the community?
  • How can the platform better serve DEAL’s thematic strategies and intentions?
  • Should (and if so, how can) we distinguish between 'core tools' (key tools created by the DEAL Team) and other tools?

  • What is the optimal scope of tools/stories/news/events on the platform? (Are they always explicitly Doughnut-related?)
  • How can we collectively ensure that stories are shared ​back with the wider community? 
  • How can the DEAL Team best support the community in sharing back their stories?

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