Activity Feed

A public feed of recent activity and actions on the platform.

Update: This feature is now live at 🎉

You can find the original feature proposal in the next section, and if you have ideas for improvements please do leave a comment below.

Ideas for further improvements

  • Add new Platform Development Hub proposals to the activity feed
  • Have another suggestion? Please leave a comment below!


It is currently difficult to keep track of activity that is happening on the DEAL Community Platform - such as new content that does not automatically appear on the home page, new comments, updates to tools & stories, and so on. 

Other platforms, including social media platforms, include an activity feed which is updated in real-time to help users stay up to date with relevant activity and make the platform come and feel more alive.

What is the essence of this proposal?

A public feed of recent activity and actions on the platform. This would include information potentially relevant to everyone, for example:

  • New tool/story/event/news item posted
  • New comments left on tool/story/event
  • Someone joined an event
  • A member profile was updated (new profile pic, updated bio, location)
  • A tool/story/event/news item was updated

Potential features of such a system could include:

  • A dedicated 'Recent Activity' page - see mock-up below
  • Allowing filtering of activity (e.g. only show new ‘Comments’)
  • A smaller 'Recent Activity' section on the homepage (linking to the full page)

Activity Feed example mock-up

What are the potential benefits?

An activity would showcase platform activity which is otherwise difficult to find or see in order to create and enrich feedback loops that will lead to a healthier and more lively online community. It is closely related to the Notification System feature suggestion.

Who would benefit from this?

The activity feed would be visible to everyone, including visitors who are not members. It would be particularly useful for anyone looking to see at a glance what has changed since their last visit to the site.

Open Questions

  • Which activity should appear on the feed?
  • Would you like to be able to prevent any of your actions from appearing?

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