It is currently only possible to search certain parts of the site - specifically Tools & Stories, and the Members directory. Other parts - such as News, Events and static/informational pages - are not searchable.

There is also no way to search all parts of the site at once, and it is often difficult to find the parts which are searchable if you're not already familiar with them and know where to look.

What is the essence of this suggestion/idea?

Add a global search feature (e.g. in the main navigation bar at the top of the page) which is able to search, for example:

  • Tools & Stories
  • Members
  • News
  • Events
  • Static / information pages
  • FAQs
  • Comments
  • Platform Development Hub

Global search bar visual mock-up (desktop/laptop)

The search function would also benefit from being more robust and better able to return relevant matches, as far as possible, for example returning references to "school" when searching for "schools".

What are the potential benefits of this suggestion/idea?

 A global site search would make it easier to find relevant content quickly, and improve discoverability of hard-to-find content.

Who would benefit from this suggestion/idea?

A global search would be useful to anyone looking for specific content but isn't sure where to look. It would be particularly useful for new users/members who are not yet familiar with the various sub-sections of the site.

Open Questions

  • Which parts of the site would you like to be able to search?
  • Would the option to filter search results by site area be useful?

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