Tool & Story Sorting

Enable tools and stories to be sorted in multiple ways to improve findability.


Currently, tools & stories are always shown in order of most-recently-created, both on the home page and the Tools & Stories page. However, the most recently added tools and stories are not necessarily the most relevant.

What is the essence of this suggestion/idea?

Enable users to change the sorting order of tools and stories on the home page and Tools & Stories page, and re-consider the default sorting method in both places. Possible sorting criteria could include: 

  • Most recently added (current default)
  • Most recently updated
  • Most used (number of times added to member toolboxes)
  • Alphabetical
  • Random (lucky dip!)

What are the potential benefits of this suggestion/idea?

Custom sorting of tools and stories could help users find the content they are interested in without the platform making assumptions about what is most relevant.

Who would benefit from this suggestion/idea?

Custom sorting could be useful for anyone looking for content they have previously found and lost track of, as well as those looking to find the most "useful" tools but not necessarily the most recent ones.

Open Questions

  • What should be the default sorting method used on the home and Tools & Stories pages?
  • Which other sorting methods would you find useful?
Kermit O over 3 years ago

This is a good idea. Might take some inspiration from the Beautiful Trouble Toolbox:

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Karn Bianco about 3 years ago

Wow, that really is beautiful, thank you!

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Brian Dowling over 3 years ago

Would help if there was some way they could be categorized by use or utility but honestly I am not sure right now how. Some are inspirational, which is great but they are really practically helpful. Others could be more empirical but maybe geographically bounded. People may have to take a few examples and then build something for themselves.

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