With 27 nations that are home to nearly 500 million people, the European Union (EU) represents one of the largest experiments in human history to foster peace, democracy, and the rule of law. Now, according to the EU Commission's first annual Strategic Foresight Report: Charting the Course Towards a More Resilient Europe, published in September 2020, 'the Commission is also experimenting with Doughnut Economics'.

These latest developments from the Commission follow a series of events and workshops that have explored the potential role of the Doughnut in EU policymaking processes, led by the aptly named cross-DG internal working group 'Doughnut4EU'.

In March 2020, the Doughnut4EU group organised a 2-day workshop to explore how the Doughnut could be 'downscaled' for use in the EU context at regional and/or local levels, and invited Kate Raworth and Andrew Fanning from DEAL, allies from the ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies, and others to participate.

Doughnut4EU workshop organisers with Kate Raworth and Andrew Fanning from DEAL, allies from the ZOE Institute, and others in March 2020

In this 90-minute recorded session, more than 100 commission officials accepted the invitation from the Doughnut4EU group to participate in a wide-ranging discussion on Doughnut Economics in the EU, following presentations by Kate (starts at 12:25) and Andrew (starts at 51:40).

The final report of the Doughnut4EU workshop in March 2020 is available here.

Building on the internal momentum of the Doughnut4EU group, the ZOE Institute and partners organised a policy-focused Resilient Europe online conference in September 2020 with senior EU officials, which kicked off with a keynote address by Kate Raworth.

In this 16-minute presentation, EU Vice President Maroš Šefčovič talks about the role of foresight in building a resilient EU, and reflects on whether the Doughnut could guide how the Commission thinks about the European Green Deal (Doughnut discussion starts at minute 14:00)

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