Sweet Doughnuts - Savoury Bagels

An award-like tour trough our region Achterhoek, the Eastern part of The Netherlands

"A surprise at the door. Three women who brought me as the initiator of the IDG HUB Achterhoek a box of sweet donuts.
Great promotion on this # GlobalDonutDay hashtag_lookup:#GlobalDonutDay from Anke Sitter and the De Goede Donut Foundation." This message we saw on Socials shortly after we left Erno with his well-deserved doughnuts.

In addition to Erno, more entrepreneurs in the Achterhoek received a Sweet Donut on #globaldonutday from us, for example Zorgboerderij Slangenburg (Falco Janssen), Burgerboerderij de Patrijs (Johannes Regelink and Joanne Malotaux), Appel4you.nl (Joost Schrijver ), Aardigh (Els Hegger), Drukkerij Kempers BV (Bas Kempers), Elite B.V. (Harry Niemeijer), Driekant (Marijn Smit).

The reason why there are an above-average number of #agriculture #food #entrepreneurs in this list is the choice to emphasize this theme in November.
The short summary of that might be: There are alternatives to farming. Working alternatives. A different mindset, a different solution path. Certainly not always the easiest path, but still true to passion and dreams. Here we build on what people consider important (for themselves and for others).
We received special photos of some of them later that day.

Entrepreneurs, whom we tried to encourage with a Savory Bagel, invite them for deeper conversations after they now received a brief explanation and a letter with a question to think about, are busy in #logistics, #sales and especially in the #bioindustry.
There are no names here (unless they choose): our approach is not naming and shaming; our approach is conversation, exploration, discover and (hopefully) adjustment. The majority we spoke to had not yet heard of #doughnuteconomics. Thinking about alternatives starts with taking note that there are alternatives. So we were able to take that first step. Very nice!
Just a pity, none of them answered the invite for a deeper conversation. But this will not stop us to provide a bit more encouragement to change more drastically, go further than the primary steps in sustainability (mostly limited on technical issues). To be continued :)

Hilarious! What a nice day! From Dragon Dreaming Project Design we know:
It's no fun, it's not sustainable. We like to have fun, when we try to change things to the better.

Didn't stop there. In the evening we came together with a group of some 20 people, mostly likeminded, some just curious. Had a great conversation about bringing the doughnut further in our region, had a good bite and got the summery as a drawing from Frank Los (see above).





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