In June 2020, the City Council of Copenhagen - known as the Borgerrepraesentationen - voted with a large majority (50-4) to draw up a plan for the city to adopt the Doughnut as an economic model.

In this 12 minute talk, Fanny Broholm - one of the elected members of the city council - explains how she and others built the strong cross-party coalition that led to such strong support for the initiative, and she explains what makes the Doughnut such a compelling model for building a transformative vision of the city's future.

Fanny, a representative of Alternativet - the Alternative Party, which is a green political party - describes how she came to get the Doughnut model onto the political agenda in Copenhagen, and she also describes the very practical model of coalition building that she used, drawing on a new political culture of listening more than speaking, having empathy, and meeting opponents half way.

Fanny is introduced by Bente Milton, who says, "This is an example of what one young woman can do being inside the system, persuading her political opponents to turn around and see the logic of what the Doughnut model is proposing".

Watch Fanny's presentation, starting at 53 mins 15 seconds, 

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This presentation was part of the Humanity Rising series of webinars, organised by Ubiquity University

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