Thank You

to the many generous and inspiring people who have helped create and shape DEAL

 Community Design Team Zoom meeting screenshot 

DEAL's Community Design Team

The Community Design Team provided invaluable insight to help us explore and answer key design questions about The DEAL Community Platform while it was still in early development.

Thank you to Andy Reeve, Annerieke Douma, Daniel Blyden, Immy Kaur, Jenny Andersson, Kruti Munot, Manda Brookman, Olya Krestyaninova, Paola Gutierrez, Priti Irani, Robert Wanalo, Rosa Martin, Sam Earle, Shada El-Sharif, Tabea Waltenberg, and Vinay Kumar Jha. 

Groundforce Studio logo

Groundforce Studio

The Groundforce Studio team - an Amsterdam-based creator of platforms with positive impact - built this website and The DEAL Community Platform from the ground up. A massive thank you to Désiré Leijs, Ruurd Priester, Matthijs ten Berge, Ruben van Nimwegen, and Oliver Senduk.

Monchü studio logo


Big thanks to Ryan Howe, Sarah Hoyle and Zoe Foster at design agency Monchü for designing DEAL's logo and bold colour scheme - we love it.

Open Source Community

This website and the DEAL Community Platform would not have been possible without the generosity of the open source community. We would therefore like to acknowledge and thank the creators of, and contributors to, the following open source projects:

Supporters and advisers 

DEAL has benefited from brilliant support and advice from the get-go. Huge thanks to Ana Gomez, Andy Chapman, Andrew Graham, Anne Wilmet, Annerieke Douma, Alastair Parvin, Brian Valbjørn Sørensen, Carlo Giardinetti, Carmen Morales Caselles, Chris Erskine, Chris Whalen, Dan O'Neill, Daniel Mulroy, Diane Ives, Dom Papa, Felicitas von Peter, Fergus Lyon, Fran Boait, Fred Pelard, Gabriele Liautaud, Graham Leicester, Graham Selley, Hallina Popko, Indy Johar, Janine Benyus, Jared Joseph-White, Jean-Loup Pinson, Jen Drouin, Jen Hooke, Jennifer Brandsberg-Engelmann, Joel Bassuk, Kapil Yadev, Laura Viegener, Marcus Baw, Marleen Stikker, Nic Saunders, Nick Gardner, Olya Krestyaninova, Omar Mohammed, Paul Turner, Peter Bullock, Phil Bloomer, Phoebe Mortimer, Roman Krznaric, Rowan Conway, Shruthi Vijayakumar, Stephanie Leite, Tony Shannon, Trista Patterson, and many, many more. 

Thank You

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