About Stories

Introducing stories - examples of Doughnut Economics in practice, inspiring others to take action in their own contexts.

What is a story?

Stories are inspiring examples and case studies of Doughnut Economics put into practice in specific places and contexts.
Ideas in practice
Stories can describe anything from an event or project to a strategy, initiative, or policy. Anything that puts the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice.
Varied in scope
Stories can be about things that have happened, or things that are in progress. They can also record a timeline of related work over an extended period.
Detailed but succinct
Stories can be a few pictures and a short description, or they can be in-depth write-ups. Longer stories (~3000+ words) might work better split into several stories.

What makes for a great story?

Great stories show real-world examples of Doughnut Economics in practice, and inspire others to take action.

Impactful stories include lots of photos and videos; they're detailed but succinct; they invite others to learn more.

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Can I share my story?

Yes! If you have a story of Doughnut Economics (DE) in action, we’d love for you to share it, so long as you follow a few simple principles and guidelines.
Show DE in action
Stories must explicitly describe how the ideas of Doughnut Economics - and not just ‘new economics’ more generally - have been put into practice.

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How can I use other people's stories?


By default, stories uploaded to the DEAL Community Platform remain under the ownership of the original author(s). Being more personal in nature than tools, this helps to ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories publicly.


However, when uploading a story, the author may optionally choose to release it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so that it can be used more widely. If this is the case, you’ll see the following logo underneath the story:

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Logo

If a story has not been released under this licence, you should seek permission from the author(s) before using it outside the DEAL Community Platform.

Please read our full Licensing Rules for more details.

About Stories

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