What is a story?
The DEAL Community Platform contains tools and stories created and uploaded by people who are putting the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice all around the world, in many inspiring and creative ways. By creating and sharing these tools and stories, members of the DEAL Community breathe life into DEAL's vision of a world in which people and planet thrive in balance.

Stories are examples and case studies of Doughnut Economics being put into action in specific places and contexts, for example through an event, strategy, project, initiative or policy.

Stories can be things that have happened or things that are in progress.
A good story contains:

  • Background or context
  • How it has turned the ideas of Doughnut Economics into action
  • What happened and why, including some great pictures
  • What was learned

Have you got a story of putting Doughnut Economics into practice that you'd like to share with the community? If you do - fantastic! Below, you'll find a guide covering all you need to know to be able to create and upload a great story to inspire others.

How do I write a story?
First of all, you'll need to have joined the DEAL Community. This is very quick and easy to do. Once you are logged in, go to Tools and Stories, and select Add a Story. That page briefly explains all the information you need to provide, but for a full run-through you can watch the following 3-minute video which covers all the key steps.

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Step-by-step guide

1. Choose a clear name and description, within the word count limits.

2. Choose a clear and distinctive image to illustrate your story, with the right image dimensions.
Our recommended size is 1200 wide by 628 pixels tall (1.91:1 aspect ratio).

3. In the Main Body editor, write your story, answering some of these suggested questions:
What was your aim or ambition?
What did you do?
Why did you use your chosen tool or approach?
What is it about this approach that worked well in this context?
How did you build interest and engagement?
What might you do differently?
What have you learned along the way that might inspire others?

4. Add any images and embed any videos into the Main Body.
These need to be uploaded from file rather than copied and pasted.
Image dimensions are capped at 1200 pixels wide and/or 1200 pixels tall, but the original aspect ratio will be maintained as far as possible.
Videos can be embedded from Youtube links only.

5. Select any relevant Themes to help people search for your story.

6. Either publish the story by selecting the check-box, or save it as a draft by selecting ‘Add Story’ without the publish box checked.
Draft stories appear on your profile page.
Edit, publish or unpublish your story at any stage (whilst logged in) by selecting ‘Edit’ underneath the summary image on the story page.

Story Licensing

By default, stories uploaded to The DEAL Community Platform remain under the ownership of the original author(s). Being more personal in nature than tools, this helps to ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories publicly.

However, when uploading your story you may optionally choose to release it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so that it can be used more widely, just like a tool.

If this license is specified, it applies to the story’s name, description, main body, and any embedded images, unless otherwise noted. It does not apply to external content such as websites or embedded videos, unless these are explicitly specified.

If a story has not been released under this Creative Commons license, you should seek permission from the author(s) before using it outside The DEAL Community Platform.

Visit Licensing Rules for more details.

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