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Doughnut Economics is based on:   
HUMAN NEEDS fulfillment of Water, Food, Energy, Health, Housing, Education, Income & work, Political voice, Networks, Peace & justice, Gender equality and Social equity.
EARTH CONCERN remediation of Climate change, Ocean acidification, Chemical pollution, Nitrogen & phosphorus loading, Freshwater withdrawals, Land conversion, Biodiversity loss, Air pollution, and Ozone layer depletion.

  • Throughout history, most humans were not well-educated.
  • Most people were probably self-centered, some caring about their families, many were competitive to protect themselves and survive.
  • For thousands of years, it was a cruel world with dominators, invaders, conquerors, enslavers and exploiters.
  • Then there was feudalism and poverty for most people.
  • The U.S. was based on exploitation of the native people and imported slaves.
  • It has been a cruel world for many over these thousands of years.
  • We are still seeing a world of dominators and the dominated, exploiters and the exploited.
  • Politics has become hyper-competitive, with disinformation campaigns on social media, political lying, voting suppression and voting district rigging to ensure the protection of political, social and economic interests.
  • In a world of hypersonic nuclear weapons, it is becoming clear that without peace, we will not survive the climate emergency because violence, conflict and war take up our resources, as well as our attention and focus, while business damages land, water and air, spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • National political and geo-political systems, and economic and business systems, were created with lower levels of consciousness.

  • We need to understand how to create peace and collaboration for a better world, for humanity and nature.
  • We need to evolve new conscious economic and political systems to create a sustainable, flourishing world for all and nature.
  • We support Doughnut Economics as a conscious, evolutionary model.
  • You can join this monthly conversation and support each other as we co-learn and co-evolve together.
  • This is a lively, fun conversation on the third Sunday of each month at 12 pm EST.
  • Tell your friends.  Let's make colearning, coevolution, collaboration and cocreating fun.

One-minute Introductions
Two-minute Team Updates on Conflict Resolution, Global Peacemaking, Citizen Assemblies, Sociocracy, Circular Economy, Complementay Community Currencies, Doughnut Economics, Steady-State Economics, Peace Economies, Regeneration, Biomimicry, Effective Activism & Wellness, Other
Ten-minute Topic for the Month presented by a group member
Forty five-minute Creative Discussion and Fun 😊 
Name: My name is Sanford (Sandy) Hinden
Location: I live 40 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island, USA 
Work / Projects/ Interests:  I provide programs, and facilitate groups and projects, for personal development, meaningful relationships,  communication, and global transformation.  I enjoy positive humor and authentic people.  You can contact me through my website

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