Weekly Virtual Cuppa was requested by the group at the first session
It's aim is to create space 
  • to connect and meet each other
  • understand the Doughnut and the seven ways to think like a 21st century economist
  • find our context with Doughnut Economics in Ireland
  • explore DE action lab communities in Ireland
  • get into action

Virtual zoom session: 10am - 11am Friday weekly
Meeting ID: 870 4762 7462
Pasword on request from Roisin, Lauren + other co-hosts
The space is hosted with the DEAL Code of conduct and Principles of practice at its core please read and familarise yourself with them. Thanks


Nothing here yet.
    Aubrey O'Neill

    Hi Roisin, Aubrey here from Wicklow. Would love to attend some of these, cheers!

    14 days ago
    Roisin Markham

    Excellent! look forward to seeing you for a cuppa, an email with full Zoom details being sent :-)

    13 days ago
    Aubrey O'Neill

    Hi! I don’t seem to have received the mail, could you try again please?

    11 days ago
    Roisin Markham


    11 days ago
    Donna Gartland

    Hi Roisin/Lauren, looking forward to tomorrows chat! if you could forward the password that would be great :)

    12 days ago
    Roisin Markham

    Hi Donna happy to but please let one of us know how we can reach you, there are no contact details on your profile - you can find my details in my profile.

    12 days ago
    Grainne Fallon

    Ireland- we can do this

    2 days ago
    Lauren Guillery

    Looking forward to meeting you on Friday Grainne

    1 day ago

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