Flower Power

Connect with your neighbours to create a cleaner and more fun neighbourhood. Info: 0615903279/larissakorporaal@gmail.com

We want to bring awareness to the neighbourhood that we can do much more than we think.
Samen Slotervaart is organising several projects to clean up our neighbourhood:
- weekly cleanup on Wednesdays 15:00 (in winter) or 16:00 (in summer) to walk through our neighbourhood to walk, talk, have fun and clean up trash.
- photo workshops to connect people
- clean square parties (you can do one in your street if you want)
- painting around the underground containers to make it more colourful, connecting people, raise a sense of pride in your area etc.
We're going to have fun spray painting chalk messages, flowers and combine fun with useful information.
Come join us! 
More info? Call or Email Larissa: +31 6 15903279 or larissakorporaal@gmail.com




    Larissa Korporaal


    I'd like to exchange, get inspired, find tools, share my experiences with others.


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