Communities: Let’s Get Started meet-up 1 (Past)

Meet others who are interested in neighbourhood and place-based network organising with Doughnut Economics

Note: We're also running a session on Thursday, June 13 at 9pm (UK) - please choose whichever session is at the best time for you.

Communities: Let's Get Started is a collection of tools & stories, launched on 18th May 2023, to apply the ideas of Doughnut Economics to your community, whether at the household, street or neighbourhood scale or connecting as networks for systemic change at the city, region or national scale.

The tool contains over 25 tools and 20 stories - with contributions from people, groups, networks and organisations from around the world - to help you get started with your community in your own unique context.

This meet-up is for anyone interested in the community action with Doughnut Economics, whether your interested to get started, or you're already on your journey of exploring the ideas and tools of Doughnut Economics and their implications in your place.

  • We'll hear from Rob Shorter, DEAL's Community & Art Lead about some of the tools contained in Communities: Let's Get Started
  • We'll hear from people who've written stories in the tool
  • And you'll have the chance to ask questions and connect with others on the call

We look forward to seeing you there!





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