3rd Stockholm DEAL event (Past)

Welcome to a face to face workshop were we imagine Stockholm in 10 years if shifted to be within the doughnut boundaries

We are inviting the Stockholm DEAL community to a face-to-face workshop the 11th of April at Anna Sundmans office "Ritverkstan" 18:30-20:30. Please register for the meeting by sending an e-mail to annafogdellhahn@gmail.com if you are interested in attending and has not already received a Google calendar invitation that you replied to.


The idea with this workshop is to imagine how Stockholm would be in 10 years time if we manage to shift to a full scale circular economy, including the best solutions for energy, waste and climate changes. Where would you live, how would you have adopted your travel, every-day-life and business? 


Inspired by the book "Imaginable" by Jane MacGonigal we will make use of our collective brain power and create an optimal future vision from where we can pick ideas and adoptions that might be possible to pursue already now.




    Anna Fogdell-Hahn

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Found it through the Researchers' desk lunch seminars who recommended The Great Simplification podcast "Unlearning Economics".

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    Mona Jabbari 4 days ago

    Enjoy the event and learn more, and thank you for organizing it!

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