Ever wondered why our economy has FAILED to provide for us all through Covid-19? Ever questioned why it's always talk about GROWTH and not human resilience and flourishing? Want to know what kind of economic futures might work for people and planet?


The video's roots go way back to when I first got my hands on a copy of 'Doughnut Economics'. Kate's explanations of why our current system doesn't work (due to outdated models and theories), and her ideas for new systems really lit a fire inside of me. That fire's been burning for a while now, and as a filmmaker I've wanted more and more to get these messages out to a wider audience through video.


This premiere will see the launch of a new 10-minute animated video all about 'Ecological Economics'. The video is a response to an article by Ecological Economist Simon Mair, 'What Will The World Be Like After Coronavirus'. Simon's research focuses on the fundamentals of the modern economy, and he looks at the way that economic dynamics contribute to challenges like climate change. In the video, we talk to Simon about the article, and explore topics such as growth, value, efficiency, Covid-19, mutual aid and so much more... The video also pulls in lessons from Doughnut Economics, including the four realms of economic provisioning: the market, the state, the household and the commons.


The live premier will be taking place on Sunday 7th March at 11:00am GMT and the video will be publicly available on YouTube. We'd like to get as many people watching the launch in real-time as possible, and people can use the live chat feature to discuss any of the topics that the video raises. However, the video will be available after the launch too! It will be publicly listed on YouTube for all to see and share. 


This video is for everyone! The language and animation style we've used are intentionally crafted to maximise accessibility, because we really do believe this is a topic that more people should be talking about. With that in mind, perhaps you'd like to share the event with friends and family - especially those who maybe aren't educated in or interested in economics yet?

We look forward to seeing you at the launch!

Bryony, Co-Founder & Producer, BROADEN Films
Ecological Economics recognises that there are so many kinds of value: emotional, nutritional, ecological, social...

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