A Recipe for Thriving in Yorkshire? Tasters from the Doughnut (Past)

Mini conference for Yorkshire with contributions from groups and councillors from Amsterdam, Cambridge and Cornwall

What is "The Doughtnut" – and why is it being hailed as a healthy choice to protect people and the planet? Find out in this online mini-conference for councillors and anyone interested in exploring the downscaling of Doughnut Economics to city and county level.

Inspired by Kate Raworth’s vision for what it means for humanity to thrive, people are using her book, Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, to plan a new way of living that connects the local to the global and is both ecologically safe and socially just.

Now Raworth’s powerful argument for embedding the economy in society and the living world is changing from radical idea to transformative action, with places from civic centres to city councils and from counties to countries reimagining their approach through the Doughnut model. (It’s even got David Attenborough’s enthusiastic endorsement for putting “sustainability in all things” at its heart.)

This mini conference will hear from groups and councillors from Amsterdam, Cambridge and Cornwall that have downscaled the doughnut or are considering it for their own communities, and asks: what would a Yorkshire Doughnut be like – and is it radical enough to respond to our challenging times?

Imane Nadif, Groenlinks Amsterdam, Councillor for Amsterdam City Council
Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Portfolio Member for Climate Change and Neighbourhoods, Cornwall Councillor
Clara Todd, Cambridge Doughnut Economics Action Group
Lukas Hardt, University of Leeds/Wellbeing Economy Alliance

The event will feature a short film by Kate Raworth on downscaling Doughnut Economics, followed by presentations by the speakers and a panel discussion.

Panellists include former Green MEP, Molly Scott-Cato, and Mark Dooris, Professor in Health and Sustainability, University of Central Lancashire.
Chairs: Kate Lock and Tom Franklin, York Green Party.

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Organised by York Green Party as part of York Environment Week 2020




    Steve Mason

    I'm an Anti Fossil fuel campaigner, Cllr, a director of Environment Smart CIC and Community Smart CIC. Dougnut = Common Sense

    Jaap van den Langenberg

    Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland

    I'm looking for a contact/information how to put the Donut in practice and make it applicable for the Province of Gelderland.


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