Bath City Doughnut Learning Group: What's Your Experience? (Past)

In our first 2024 session, we're getting to know each other and sharing our experiences of the economy to date...

Session 1/9

As we welcome new members to our Bath City Doughnut Learning Group, and recognise the different levels of knowledge and perspectives of existing members, we're going to (re)work our way through the 7 Principles of a Doughnut Economy, as laid out in the book and in various articles and links we'll share along the way.

We have business-owners, consultants, architects, creatives, landscape gardeners, charity sector, healthcare, design and marketing professionals and more in the group. More than that, we're all human beings.

So in this session, 'What's Your Experience?', we're going to get to know each other and our experiences of the economy to date.

During our 90 mins, we'll run through a brief overview of our CURRENT 20th century-thinking economic design, and consider how the thinking shows up in each of our personal and professional lives, such as:

• How does GDP being the measure of the UK's economic success affect your life and work? 
• How does the ongoing quest for financial growth affect your wellbeing or that of your friends, colleagues, clients and places you love?

We'll then share our findings, good and bad, to explore all our different perspectives and experiences.




    Carra Santos

    Bath, BANES, UK.

    Official DE educator, supporting creative leaders, cities and communities to co-design the transition to sustainable futures.

    Simon Langley

    Bath, UK

    Big fan of the circular economy and want to broaden this to doughnut thinking. Food and packaging focused job and career so far.


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