Bath City Doughnut Learning Session: Amsterdam Inspiration - Take Two! (Past)

A re-do of our Amsterdam Inspiration session, due to our influx of new members and introductions last time!

Thanks to a merry influx of new members last session, we got carried away with introductions and conversations and managed a mere five minutes on the scheduled topic.

But introductions and conversations are important too! They build relationships and common ground. So, no matter, let them flow, I thought - and plan a re-do, instead.

Amsterdam Inspiration - Take Two will explore how the flagship city answers the four core questions:

• What would it mean for the people of Amsterdam to thrive?
• What would it mean for Amsterdam to thrive within its natural habitat?
• What would it mean for Amsterdam to respect the wellbeing of people worldwide?
• What would it mean for Amsterdam to respect the health of the whole planet?

We'll learn from this city of active inspiration, consider how we can respond to the same questions here, and pool our insights into the various groups already on the case.

If you're in Bath and would like to join us, please join the Bath LinkedIn Group: and register for the event. If you're not on LinkedIn, just email Carra Santos at instead.




    Carra Santos

    Bath, BANES, UK.

    Sustainable futures educator and interpreter enabling cross-sector collaboration in cities and communities.

    Arabella Tresilian


    I'm a member of Bath City Doughnut Learning Group, and a conflict mediator and dialogue facilitator working in public services.

    Ian McKay

    Bath, UK

    I want to be useful - particularly in Bath and North East Somerset


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