Bath City Doughnut Learning Session: Schwartz Values Circumplex (Past)

Examination of a behaviour change theory highlighted in Chapter 3 - the Schwarz Values Circumplex.

Another informal opportunity for anyone reading Doughnut Economics or interested in the concept to find out more about it, and thrash out any sticky themes or questions arising so far.

By request, this session will examine a behaviour change theory highlighted in Chapter 3, pages 106-109 - the Schwarz Values Circumplex.

This particular theory helps us understand the common values that we humans all share to varying degrees, and goes a long way towards explaining why the way we talk about issues that are important to *us*, may appeal to or alienate others - depending on their own backgrounds and interests.

As such it helps us consider how to talk about these topics with friends, colleagues etc to best effect and develop skills to find common ground.

If you're in Bath and would like to join us, please join the Bath LinkedIn Group: and register for the event. If you're not on LinkedIn, just email Carra Santos at instead.




    Carra Santos

    Bath, BANES, UK.

    Sustainable futures educator and interpreter enabling cross-sector collaboration in cities and communities.

    Arabella Tresilian


    I'm a member of Bath City Doughnut Learning Group, and a conflict mediator and dialogue facilitator working in public services.

    Ian McKay

    Bath, UK

    I want to be useful - particularly in Bath and North East Somerset


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