Bath City Doughnut Read-Along (Past)

We're reading a chapter a week! Another opportunity to thrash out the various ideas emerging so far.

“How can our city be a home to thriving people, in a thriving place, whilst respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet?"

Another informal opportunity for anyone reading along with the Doughnut Economics book or summaries to thrash out any sticky themes or questions arising so far.

At this point, the dedicated chapter-a-week readers will be finished! So we will also talking about actionable take-aways from what we've learned, and giving a helping hand and listening ear to those still on their way.

If you're in Bath and would like to join us, please join the Bath LinkedIn Group: and register for the event. If you're not on LinkedIn, just email Carra Santos at instead.




    Carra Santos

    Bath, BANES, UK.

    Sustainable futures educator and interpreter enabling cross-sector collaboration in cities and communities.

    Ian McKay

    Bath, UK

    I want to be useful - particularly in Bath and North East Somerset


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