California Donut Economics - Round 3! (Past)

The third meeting of California Doughnut Economics Coalition - updates from the various working groups.

We have a variety of working groups that have begun some really cool work - time for everyone to know what is going on and how to contribute! 

We'll start with those 2 groups working on creating the California Donut Portrait: Social Dimensions working group and Ecological Dimensions working group.  

Other working groups we will hear from are: 
  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Donut Outreach
  • Post Growth Organizations 
  • Think Tank
  • Systems Thinking
  • Water 

If you are curious about what we having going in California and how you can plug in - please register via Eventbrite link. 

Thursday January 21, 5:30-7pm




    Jared Ruiz Bybee

    San Clemente, California, United States of America

    If not us then who? I want to put my shoulder to wheel with others who share Kate's vision for communities and the world.

    Brian Dowling

    Hacienda Heights, California, United States of America

    Interest in applying Systems Thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems through heterodox economics.


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