Centering the care economy (Past)

Setting the compass of action, towards the goal of living within the safe and just space of the Melbourne Doughnut

This time last year, Regen Melbourne launched the Melbourne Doughnut.  A massive milestone where we were joined by Kate Raworth and 100s of people in the room and online to put our Mission out into the world - getting into the safe and just space as defined by the Melbourne Doughnut.

Now that the mission has been launched, we are tasked with the arguably more complex job of figuring out how to get there.… 

So this year we are convening a series of conversations to plot our compass of action towards the Mission. 

Getting into the safe and just space as defined by the Melbourne Doughnut is not going to be a straightforward, linear, one-dimensional journey from A - B. So how might we take some steps towards emerging coordinates of action, while being forewarned about some of the obstacles in our way? And from there, set the next course.  

In setting a compass of action we’re looking through some lenses we think are important to plot out some coordinates on the map towards the mission (be honest, am I dragging on the metaphor too long?). They are of course partial lenses, but all journeys start by starting! 

So pack your head torch, raincoat and trail-mix-with-the-chocolate-bits and join us for a series of conversations as we ask: 

  • What strengths of the student climate strikes can we orient towards as we ask how our democratic institutions need to be reimagined? 
  • What are different models of purpose led business and capital investments orienting us towards as we grapple with the needed economic transition?  
  • What are we oriented towards (or perhaps inwards) when we stop and listen to different voices across the city sharing their stories of what regeneration is all about?  
  • What do we need to pay attention to when looking ahead to the spaces and environments we live, play and make within?  
  • What new coordinates on the map appear when we join up all the intersections of health and care (income, food, transport, arts, social equity, and on!)?    

They are not all the answers, this is not the only map, but by paying attention to some emerging pathways we can at least start the journey.




    Nicole Barling-Luke

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Community Lead @ Regen Melbourne, can't wait to share our journey & learn from you all as we bring doughnut economics to the city


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