Content dayz (Past)

We will add content to! Come and help and we'll offer pizza and drinks.

🇬🇧 On Friday we will add content to!

Come and help and we'll offer pizza and drinks. Announce if you're coming so you get a slice or five; 0702009484.

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The Smart Map wants to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, by encouraging community, new meetings and access over ownership. We do this by showing initiatives and networks. On the map you can, among other things, find bike kitchens, swap groups, clothing swap days, free shops and digital platforms. 

This is not the Yellow Pages or a list over businesses, this is about people and communities that share. What we show on the map is decided by our criterias that have been agreed between the civic association Collaborative Economy and the City of Gothenburg, Consumer and Citizen Services Administration. 

Everybody can suggest what we should show on the map. The selection of initiatives takes place in consultation between the editors locally. If you like to add an initiative please email to




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