Cook And Share Month (Past)

Cook and Share is our autumnal campaign that brings people together in a feast of cooking.

Cook and Share Month

Cook and Share is back for autumn 2023! Register Now!

Running from 30th October – 24th November 2023the resources and event registration are now live!

Cook and Share is our autumnal campaign that brings people together in a feast of cooking, connection and conversation for when the nights are drawing in.

Whether you’re on a mission to make the most of produce harvested during Plant and Share, looking for inspiration on how to use leftover Halloween pumpkin, or simply want some delicious and nutritious autumnal recipes on a budget, the free-to-download resources and activity packs are for everyone to enjoy.

Themed Weeks

To ensure there is plenty of inspiration, this year's resources correspond to weekly themes celebrating the many joys of cooking: Cooking for People, Cooking for Pleasure, Cooking for the Planet and Cooking for the Pocket.

Week One: 30th Oct - 5th Nov – Cooking for People

Halloween and Bonfire Night are the perfect times to bring your loved ones, classmates or community together through hearty and comforting food. We have a whole range of tried-and-tested recipes ready to use, including a sumptuous sausage hotpot or super simple garlic pinwheels.

6th Nov - 12th Nov – Cooking for Pleasure

Whether it’s sharing cooking skills or food memories or enjoying a warm fruit crumble on a chilly night, preparing, and eating food can bring joy in so many ways. This week is all about connecting with others and sharing experiences and culture through cooking.

Week Three: 13th Nov - 19th Nov – Cooking for the Planet

This week we focus how food can have a positive impact on the planet, by looking at seasonality, locally grown and organic. As well as handy tips like how volunteering can be a great way to cook and share with your community, school or loved ones.

Week Four: 20th Nov - 24th Nov – Cooking for the Pocket

With costs rising across the board, this week we pull out some store cupboard showstoppers, speedy staples and simple nutritious recipes to cook creatively on a budget, with the little addition of a simple yet sensational seasonal streusel!

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